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Ridgeway's Late Joys - VAR81

Ridgeway's Late Joys CD
Ridgeway's Late Joys was a Music Hall revival which was chaired by Leonard Sachs at The Players' Theatre Club. Starting shortly before World War II, it rapidly became a success and this live recording captures the atmosphere very well. Also included on the CD are two studio recreations of Music Hall, chaired respectively by H Chance Newton and Charles Coborn.
Track Listing:

Ridgeway’s Late Joys (Originally Issued in 1939):

The Audience: Oh! The Fairies
Bernard Miles: Sons of the Sea
Megs Jenkins: A Bird in a Gilded Cage
Archie Harradine: I was one of ‘em
The Sisters Gelatine: We’re the Sisters Gelatine
The Sisters Gelatine: If I only knew the Way
Frith Banbury: The German Band
Alexander Archdale: Going Back (A Poem)
Eve Lynd: Yes, You are!
Nuna Davey: I won’t be a Nun
Helen Goss: Mother says I mustn’t
John Glynne: Jones A Lecture
Robert Eddison: Hon Maud in “The Cantiniere”
Robert Eddison: Hon Maud in “Any Questions”

An Old Time Music Hall (Originally Issued in 1928):

H Chance Newton: Introduction
The Variety Singers: Daisy Daisy
The Variety Singers: She was One of the Early Birds
The Variety Singers: Daddy wouldn’t buy me a Bow-Wow
The Variety Singers: A Great Big Shame
The Variety Singers: Down the Road
Charles Coburn: The Man who broke the Bank
The Variety Singers: Little Dolly Daydream
Charles Coburn: Two Lovely Black Eyes
The Variety Singers: Beer, Glorious Beer
The Variety Singers: Ask a Policeman
The Variety Singers: At Trinity Church I met my Doom
The Variety Singers: Seventh Royal Fusiliers

An Old Time Sing Song (Originally Issued in 1930):

Charles Coburn: Introduction
The Company: Ting-a-Ling
The Company: She was a dear little Dicky Bird
The Company: Her Golden Hair
Nellie Johnson: Daddy wouldn’t buy me a Bow-Wow
The Company: The Galloping Major
Charles Coborn: Two Lovely Black Eyes
The Company: Little Annie Roonie
The Company: It’s a Great Big Shame
The Company: Daisy Bell
The Company: At Trinity Church
Charles Coborn: The Man who broke the Bank
The Company: The National Anthem

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Mother says I Mustn't

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