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Mario "Harp" Lorenzi - The King of Harpists - VAR76

Mario Harp Lorenzi CD
Mario "Harp" Lorenzi was at his height of popularity in the mid 1930s when he married the dance band sound to that of the solo harp. For many years he appeared in Variety shows, performing light classical as well as swing and dance numbers. On this CD he brings his unique style to popular hits of the time.
Track Listing:
Everything Stops for Tea (with vocal);
In the Middle of a Kiss (with vocal);
Evírythingís been done before;
Ainít Misbehaviní;
I feel a Song cominí on (with vocal);
Ainít She Sweet;
The Echo of a Song;
A Beautiful Lady in Blue;
The Simple Things in Life;
Ridiní up the River Road (with vocal);
Miss Annabelle Lee (with vocal);
Iíll see You in my Dreams (with vocal);
Celebratiní (with vocal);
The Whistling Waltz (with vocal);
Weíve got Rhythm (Part 1);
Weíve got Rhythm (Part 2);
Whispering; Thereís something in the Air;
Where the Lazy River goes by (with vocal);
Blue Skies (with vocal);
Waltz Time - And A Harp (Part 1);
Waltz Time - And A Harp (Part 2);
Le Cygne (The Swan);
Harping In The Highlands;
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Listen to part of a sample track - Everything stops for Tea

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