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Max Miller - The Cheekie Chappie - VAR65

Max Miller - The Cheekie Chappie CD
Max Miller made his final recordings just a few months before he died and as he said in refering to himself: "There will never be another". These recordings are included on the CD as a full live show and also two songs with the King of Skiffle, Lonnie Donegan. To complete the CD are several studio tracks from the late 1930s.
Track Listing:
How the So-and-So can I be Happy;
The Girl next Door;
The Love Bug will bite You;
Every Sunday Afternoon;
Just in Fun;
The Cheekie Chappie (Live performance at the Star Sound Studios, London):
Part 1: Lulu; Lulu (Reprise)
Part 2: She said she wouldn’t; Doing all the Nice things

The Market Song (with Lonnie Donegan);
Tit-Bits (with Lonnie Donegan)

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Julietta

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