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Elsa Lanchester - Cockney London - VAR63

Elsa Lanchester - Cockney London CD
Elsa Lanchester was an English Actress who had a successful career as a dancer as well as performing songs at her night club "The Cave of Harmony." It was here that she revived several Victorian temperance ballads which are included on this CD. In the 1930s she moved to Hollywood where she appeared in the film The Bride of Frankenstein amongst others. She later produced a touring act featuring Old Music Hall songs as well as more modern songs written in the same genre. These also feature on this CD, in many cases introduced by Elsa herself.
Track Listing:

Your baby ĎAs gorn down the Plug ĎOle;
Our Three Penny Hop; When the Summer comes again;
And her Golden Hair was hanging down her back;
He didnít oughter; Burlington Bertie from Bow;
Put my Little Shoes away;
He danced the Fandango all over the Place;
I avenít told ĎIm not up to now; When the Old Dun Cow caught fire;
At my Time of Life; When I came into this House;
Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay; Mrs Dyer, The Baby Farmer;
Knocked Ďem in the Old Kent Road;
Wonít you Buy my Sweet Blooming Lavender;
The Fire Ship; Catís Meat; Linda and her Londonderry Air;
Never go walking without your Hat Pin; The Husbandís Clock;
The Ratcatcherís Daughter; Mrs Badger-Butts;
Little Fred; She was poor but she was honest;
The Ruined Maid;
Sell No More Drink to My Father;
Donít Tell my Mother Iím living in Sin;
Ladies Bar;

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Listen to part of a sample track - And her Golden Hair was hanging down her back

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