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Cicely Courtneidge - Laughing Gas - Windyridge VAR28

Cicely Courtneidge CD

Cicely Courtneidge made her stage debut as a fairy at the age of eight, and this was the prelude to a long and distinguished career. She became a popular figure in Music Halls and Theatres before moving into films in 1930. In 1916 Cicely married her stage partner, Jack Hulbert and frequently appeared alongside him.

The CD includes a variety of Cicely Courtneidge songs such as Why has a cow got four legs? which also features Jack Hulbert. Also included are Cicely Courtneidge's most famous sketches, Laughing Gas and Double Damask.

The CD ends with Cicely's first ever commercial recording, made in 1911.

Track Listing:
Thereís something about a soldier, Mrs Bartholomew, Why has a cow got four legs?, When itís milking time in Switzerland, My Wild Oat, If I had Napoleonís Hat, Gentlemen! The King!, The Empire depends on You, Humpty Dumpty, The Sunshine Cruise, Things are looking up, Laughing Gas, Ali Babaís Camel, Iíll give her a ring , Double Damask, The Cure (Hiccoughs) , The Girl in the Post Office, Cicely Courtneidge plonks her Guitar, The Little Japanese Mamma (last track is an Acoustic Recording)

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Listen to part of a sample track - Why has a Cow got Four Legs

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