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Bobby Howes
I Like Them Fluffy (VAR113)

Although Bobby Howes started his career in the Music Halls, he became famous as one of the major stars of Musical Comedy during the 1930s. This CD brings together many of his most popular perfomances of this period.

Track Listing

I like them Fluffy
Is it British?
I'm a one Man Girl (w. Binnie Hale)
Got a Date with an Angel
Who do You love?
I got Rhythm
Sing Brothers (w. Carlyle Cousins)
Happy the Day (w. Carlyle Cousins)
Let's put out the Lights (w. Carlyle Cousins)
Why wasn't I told?
Wrap yourself in Cotton Wool
Let's dress for Dinner Tonight
Yes Sir! I love your Daughter
Pop! Goes your Heart
London on a Rainy Night
You give me Ideas (w. Sepha Treble)
Mind how you go across the road (w. Sepha Treble)
Hide and Seek Medley
She's my Lovely
Czecho-Slovakian Love (w. Vera Pearce)
What are You going to do? (w. Binnie Hale)
Wanderin' Star
I still see Elisa

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Is It British?

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