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Little Man You've had a Busy Day - VAR108

Little Man You've had a Busy Day CD
Kitty Masters started her career on the Halls, appearing as The Pocket Vesta Tilley . Later she became a popular singer and appeared with Henry Hall and His Dance Orchestra. This CD features her recordings from the 1930's.
Track Listing:
When He comes Home to Me
Out in the Cold again
Little Man youíve had a Busy Day (w. Henry Hall)
I couldnít be mean to You
Stay as Sweet as You are
Little Girl what now
My Kidís a Crooner
Love is in the Air again (w. Henry Hall)
What aí you doing out in the Rain?
On the other side of the Hill
Donít You ever fall in love
The Little Things You used to do
When your Little Boy grows up and fall in love
She fought like a Tiger
Love is like a Cigarette
Many Happy Returns of the Day
Sheís the Wealthiest Woman on Earth
Tell Me again
Me and my Dog
Heís an Angel
On the Wooden Hill to Bedfordshire
Why did She fall for the Leader of the Band
A Melody from the Sky
Where Yorkshire and Lancashire meet
Sweetheart letís grow old together

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Listen to part of a sample track - Little Man youíve had a Busy Day

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