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George Crowther - Father Was a Young Man Then - VAR105

George Crowther - Father Was a Young Man Then CD
George Crowther appeared on the Halls around 1913, but he is remembered today for his series of recordings made in the period 1929 to 1932. He adopted the manner of the earlier Music Hall star Billy Williams, by including asides to the audience and vigorous laughter. The recordings, made during the Depression Years when Britain's world trade fell by 50%, have an air of optimism which applies even today.
Track Listing:
Ever so Goosey
The Continong
Oh Maggie, What have You been up to?
There ainít many Babies about
What can You do without Money
Three Blind Mice
Does Me good
The Lights of London Town
When Iím married to Mary McPherson
Father was a Young Man then
I can call round on Monday
I do like a Nice Outsider
I tickled Her here, tickled Her there
The Sweepstake
Not Me
Nobody's Boy
Spring Cleaning
Bill, Bill bring your old Umbrella
Fatherís Crossword Puzzle
Down at the Bottom of the Garden
I wonder what Heís going to do next
Itís a Cold Cold night
The little Sofa Father made

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - I tickled Her here, tickled Her there

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