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The Duncan Sisters - Topsy and Eva - VAR101

Duncan Sisters CD
The Duncan Sisters were described at the time as America's most famous sister team. In 1923 the sisters created their characters Topsy and Eva in a musical comedy loosely based on Uncle Tom's Cabin. They toured extensively in Great Britain, both in variety and musical comedy during the 1920's and 30's. Included on the CD are some rare tracks never issued in the USA.
Track Listing:

The Music Lesson
Oh Sing-a-Loo
Baby Sister Blues
I never had a Mammy
Um Um Da Do
Aunt Susieís Picnic Day
Bull Frog Patrol
Tom Boy Blues
Mean Cicero Blues
Crossword Puzzle Blues
The Kinky Kidsí Parade
Happy Go Lucky Days
Black and Blue Blues
Baby Feet go Pitter Patter
Argentines, Portuguese and the Greeks
Loch Lomond in Swingtime
Adam and Eve
Ti Pi Tin
Daniel in the Lionís Den
Sweet Onion time in Bermuda
In a Little Dutch Kindergarten

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - The Music Lesson

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