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Votes For Women  CD

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Votes For Women (TOP7)

This CD comprises original recordings related to the role of women and votes for women. Music Hall songs of the time give a great insight into the public attitude towards women at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century. Whilst the role of the downtrodden husband had always been a feature of these songs, the coming of the suffragette movement produced some strong reactions. From the speech by Christabel Pankhurst, through to the role of women during the Great War and the 1929 election, this CD traces the development of universal suffrage.

Track Listing

Christabel Pankhurst: Suffrage for Women
Arthur Lloyd: Imitation of a Woman's Rights Meeting
Florrie Forde & Walter Miller: If the World were ruled by Girls
Johnny Wakefield: Women get the Best of It
Jock Mills: The Suffragee
Will Evans: The Suffragette
Wilkie Bard: Put me on an Island (Where the Girls are few)
Ben Albert: What the Suffragettes will bring us to
Billy Williams: Girls of Today
Happy Fanny Fields: The Suffragette
Mark Sheridan: In the Days that are coming bye and bye
Billy Williams: The Land where the Women wear the Trousers
Barclay Gammon: Intro to 'The Suffragettes Anthem'
Barclay Gammon: The Suffragettes' Anthem
Tom Woottwell: What Do I want with a Man?
Arthur Aiston: The Suffragette (Part 1)
Arthur Aiston: The Suffragette (Part 2)
Harry Nelson: The Suffragette
H Cove & J Charman: That Ragtime Suffragette
Ernest Shand: The Husband's Strike
Mark Sheridan: The World turned Upside down
Tom Woottwell: The Hunger Strike
Tom Clare: Women's Work
Nelson Jackson: In 1950
R G Knowles: Modern Woman
Margaret Bondfield: The Women's Opportunity
Albert Whelan: Softed makes a Speech (edited)>

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