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The Boers have got My Daddy (TOP5)

Boer War CD
The Boer or South African War between Britain and the Boer Colonies of the Transvaal and the Orange Free State was declared on 11 October 1899. Within 4 weeks, the nascent Gramophone company released a number of patriotic recordings. The most famous of these was a poem, written by Kipling and put to music by Arthur Sullivan entitled The Absent Minded Beggar. In conjunction with The Daily Mail, a fund was set up to support soldiers families during the War. As the war continued there was a progressive change of mood, and in 1901 the recording of The Boers have got my Daddy was issued:

'The Boers have got my Daddy
My soldier Dad;
I don't like to hear my Mammy sigh,
I don't like to see my Mammy cry;
So I'm going in a big ship
Across the raging main,
And I'm going to fight the Boers, I am,
And bring my Daddy home again!'

A Unique CD of 32 Tracks, restored from 1899 - 1902 period recordings.
Track Listing:

Title Recording Artist
God save the Queen George J Gaskin
Oh Mr Soldier Man Charles Foster
The Absent Minded Beggar Ian Colquhoun
Freedom Ian Colquhoun
Another Little Patch of Red Ian Colquhoun
Under the same Old Flag Ian Colquhoun
The Boys that mind the Shop Ian Colquhoun
Soldiers of the Queen Ian Colquhoun
Irishmen must be there Ian Colquhoun
Our Jack’s come Home Today J McQuitty
Private Tommy Atkins Montague Borwell
The Soldiers in the Park Vess L Osman (Banjo)
When the Boys come Home once more Eric Farr
The Absent Minded Beggar Municipal Concert Band
What do You think of the Irish? Herbert Darnley
Sons of Our Empire Herbert Darnley
Some Mother will lose a Son Herbert Darnley
Boys of the Old Brigade Municipal Military Band
Break the news to mother George Gaskin
The Holy City Leo Stormont
The Boers have got my Daddy Chas Foster
Dolly Gray Leo Stormont
Wait a Week or Two (Talking) Leo Stormont
True till Death Leo Stormont
A Pattern to the World Louis Breeze
The Bally Bull Dog Harry Taylor
Wrap Me up in my Old Stable Jacket William Paull
Good Old London Town Girl Louis Bradfield
Sons of the Motherland William Paull
The Old Brigade Ian Colquhoun
God save the King Herbert Darnley
The Boer National Hymn Municipal Band
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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - The Boers have got my Daddy

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