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The Church that Moved - Morning Prayer 1908 (TOP3)

The Church that Moved CD
This CD features a complete recording of the Church of England Service of Morning Prayer according to the Book of Common Prayer. This was recorded by Rev I R Parkyn, Rev Canon Fleming & the Choir of St Andrew’s Church, Well’s Street, London in 1908. The choir at St. Andrew's was noted at the time for its fine choral tradition.

The CD Title "The Church that Moved" comes from the fact that the original church building, declared redundant on its central London site in Well's Street, was physically moved stone by stone to its new site in Kingsbury during the early 1930s.
Track Listing:
Service of Morning Prayer (Book of Common Prayer)
Rev I R Parkyn, Rev Canon Fleming & the Choir of St Andrew’s Church, Well’s Street:
- Opening Sentences; A General Confession; ; The Absolution
- The Lord’s Prayer; Responses
- Venite
- 23rd Psalm: The Lord is my Shepherd; 42nd Psalm: Like as the Hart
- Te Deum Laudamus
- Jubilate Deo
- The Apostles’ Creed
- Prayers and Responses; The Second Collect for Peace; The Third Collect for Grace
- A Prayer for the King’s Majesty; A Prayer for the Royal Family
- A Prayer for the Clergy and People; A Prayer for all sorts and conditions of men;
A Prayer of St Chrysostom; The Grace
Bonus Tracks Choir of St Andrew’s Church, Well’s Street:
O God, our help in Ages past; Bethlehem; Onward, Christian Soldiers; Jesu Lover of my Soul

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Listen to part of a sample track - O God our help in Ages past

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