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The Death of Nelson (TOP1)

This CD, produced to commemorate the Bi-Centenial of the death of Lord Nelson, on board the Victory at Trafalgar, starts with a dramatised presentation of the song The Death of Nelson. This song, words by Arnold and music by John Braham was first performed in 1811.
The songs on the CD were written a time when Britain ruled the waves. Many are of a patriotic flavour, popular a hundred years ago, whilst others are in a more humourous vein. The artists range from Leo Stormont, who was a popular concert singer of the time, R Kennerley Rumford (Clara Butt's husband), to Lane Wilson who arranged and performed many traditional songs. Apart from the first track which dates from 1930, the other recordings span the years 1899 to 1914.

Track Listing

The Death of Nelson (Dramatised) Vocalist: Francis Russell; Narrator: Stuart Hibberd
Nelson: Lewis Casson; Captain Hardy: Robert Carr

William Paull: In the King's Name stand; Thy Sentinel am I;
Leo Stormont: The Midshipmite; Hearts of Oak; The White Squall; Anchored;
Peter Dawson: The Admiral's Broom;
Ian Colquhoun: The Bay of Biscay; Sons of the Sea;
Henry Drew: The Storm Fiend;
Harry MacDonough: The Death of Nelson;
Harry Lauder: Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep;
John Harrison: The Anchor's Weighed;
H. Lane Wilson: The Sailor's Life;
Sullivan Operatic Party: When Britain Rules the Waves; A British Tar is a Soaring Soul;
Harry Dearth: Ben the Bosun;
Edmund Sherras: They all love Jack;
R Kennerley Rumford: Four Jolly Sailormen; Three for Jack;
Hamilton Hill: Somebody's Sailor Boy;
Joseph Farrington: The Union Jack of Old England;

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The Death of Nelson

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