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Little Tich - In Other People's Shoes (CDR9)

Windyridge CD
Little Tich, famous for his "Big Boot" dance, made up for his lack of height with his powers of observation, which he used in a series of sketches of characters, some of which are featured on this CD. Each of his creations was uniquely distinctive, not only in its make-up and costume, but also in his movement and presence. The CD contains 19 tracks, transferred from original 78 rpm recordings which were made between 1911 - 1917.
Track Listing:
The Gas Inspector, The Twenty Third, The Sale, The Territorial, King Ki Ki , The Dentist, The Toreador, The Zoo Keeper, The Waiter, The Weather, A Risky Thing to do, The Don of the Don Juans, Sweet Simplicity, The Tallyman, The Gamekeeper, The Skylark, The Pirate, Tally-Ho!, The Best Man - more track info . . .
Listen to part of a sample track - The Zookeeper

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