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Marie Lloyd - Wink the other Eye (CDR6)

Marie Lloyd CD
Marie Lloyd was famous for her "saucy" songs and is remembered today principally for the song "A little of what you fancy". She was one of the most popular music hall entertainers and became known to the public simply as as "Our Marie". After her death, Marie's daughter Marie Lloyd Jnr., continued in her tradition whilst Alice, Marie's sister, had a career in her own right.

Marie Lloyd recorded a number of her successful songs, although some of her most popular numbers such as "Oh Mr. Porter" and "Don't Dilly Dally" were never recorded by her. Recordings by Marie Lloyd, Alice and Marie Jnr. are presented on this CD, together with a selection of those missing titles performed by artists who would have been alive to see and hear Marie Lloyd's stage performances. The CD contains 21 tracks, transferred from original 78 rpm records.

Track Listing:
Marie Lloyd: A little bit of what you fancy does you good, Something on his mind, Every little movement has a meaning of its own, The Coster girl in Paris, The Twiddly-wink, When I take my morning promenade, The Piccadilly Trot, Put on your slippers, Woman's Opinion of Man, Revue, Now you've got the Khaki on. The previous tracks date from 1903 - 1915
Alice Lloyd: Story of a clothes line. (1907)
Marie Lloyd Jnr.: A little bit of lovin', I live in hopes, One of the ruins that Cromwell knocked about a bit (1930 - 1936)
The following tracks feature other artists performing Marie Lloyd's songs (these she never recorded herself):
Norah Blaney: Oh! Mr. Porter. (1931)
Ray Wallace: Twiggy Voo, There they are - the two of 'em on their own, The Cock Linnet Song (Don't Dilly Dally)(1932)
Charles Foster: The Bond Street Tea Walk (1902), Bathing or Should the Sexes bathe together (1901). - more track info . . .

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Listen to part of a sample track - When I take my Morning Promenade

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