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Vesta Victoria
Waiting at the Church (CDR69)

When Vesta first appeared on stage at the age of 9 years old she was billed as the most marvelously gifted child in the world. Vesta Victoria reached the heights of Music Hall fame with such songs as Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow wow and Waiting at the Church in which she suffers the indignity of being left at the altar. Music Hall at its best.

Track Listing

Old Time Medley: Waiting at the Church; He calls me his own Grace Darling; It's alright in the Summertime; Now I have to call him Father; Poor John; Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow-wow;
Waiting at the Church;
On a Motor Car;
Father, Mother and an Apple;
He calls Me his Own Grace Darling;
The Turkey Girl;
It's alright in the Summertime;
Man, Man, Man;
I've told his Missus all about Him;
It ain't all Honey and it ain't all Jam;
Billy Green;
The next Horse I ride on;
Poor John;
Summer Blouses;
Don't sing the Chorus;
Now I have to call him Father;
The Gramophone Song;
Poor Old Adam;
Look what Percy's picked up in the Park;
What's good enough for Father;
It's easy to be a Lady;
His Lordship - My Old Man;
Mary Ann, Come in;
It didn't take long to come off;

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Horn Gram
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Waiting at the Church

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