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Ben Albert
A Little Bit Here and There - (CDR48)

Ben Albert described himself as "The Dry Old Stick", and he certainly had a dry sense of humour. The range of his subject matter is wide - from the drunken antics on Coronation day, to the sorts of embarrassing and annoying questions continuously asked by young children. Suffragettes, Motor cars, Work, Cooks, Life Abroad, Licensing laws, all come under his spotlight.

Track Listing

A Little Bit Here and There
On the Day King Edward gets his Crown on
Go Away, Good Massa Bee
The End of the Chapter
Inquisitive Kiddie
The Damaged Blacksmith
Why go Abroad?
Do you remember? How can I forget (w. Ruby Verdi)
Potted Poetry
After You with the Soap (w. Fred Vernon)
What's the Use of Sighing?
What is it - likes so much?
A fat lot to crow about
What is Work?
Seven Ages of Man
Three Ages of Women
When the Women earn all the Money
The Cook who cooks (Parts 1 and 2)
Derby Day
The Li-cen-sor

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Horn Gram
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Inquisitive Kiddie

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