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Ella Retford
My Girl Up North (CDR28)

Ella Retford was a vivacious comedienne and a Principal Boy in Pantomime. She was the originator of a number of well known songs, including She’s a Lassie from Lancashire. She was born in Sunderland, and a number of her songs such as Yorkshire, One of us and We’re all North Country Lads and Lassies have a "Northern" feel to them. Other songs on this 26 track CD are of particular topicalities, such as Take me on the Flip Flap which relates to an amusement ride popular in 1908.

Track Listing

She’s a Girl up North
She’s a Lassie from Lancashire
Take me on the Flip Flap
Carolina Brown from China Town
Mr Wright you’re wrong
Mr McKie
Don’t you come from Spain
Mary Ellen
t’Isle of Man
I’m looking for Grahame White
Molly Molloy
I wonder if you miss me sometimes
I like your Apron and Bonnet
Some of these Days
I want no other Girlie
One of us
Take a little bit off if you want to get on
You made me love you
You wouldn’t know the old place now
Popsy Wopsy
Sammy come over here
Who paid the rent for Mrs Rip Van Winkle
We’re all North Country Lads and Lassies
Under the Honey Moon
I was a Good Little Girl
I’d like to bring my Mother
Bungalow in Borneo

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She's a Lassie from Lancashire

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