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Zona Vevey - I Recall the Days (CDR26)

Zona Vevey CD
Zona Vevey, whilst almost unknown today, was top of the bill in 1910. She was described as "Britain's Daintiest Comedienne". Zona Vevey had a fine clear voice and performed with her husband Max Erard who both accompanied her and composed most of her dainty songs.

Max Erard was famous himself for his touring cathedral organ which required eight lorries to transport it round the country. On this 25 track CD, Zona sings of love and reminiscences, particularly for the country life.

Track Listing:
Every Sunday evening, Wee Macgregor, Mary, I'm waiting for Mary by the Water wheel, My Shepherd Boy, The Piper and the Drummer, Song birds in the Dell, The Little Church across the way, Pretty Little Cupid, Nelson, My bonnie Lassie, The Curfew Bell, When you're in love with someone, My wedding day tomorrow, The lads from our village, In my cabin by the lagoon, I recall the days, Sun Brown Sue, The one man band, Ida from Idaho, I know a cosy nest, Give me a summer's evening, That mountain Melody, Sandy McAdoo, Ding Dong - more track info . . .

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Listen to part of a sample track - The Piper and the Drummer

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