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Whit Cunliffe - Tight Skirts have Got to Go (CDR21)

Whit Cunliffe CD
Whit Cunliffe was a popular light comedian who was at the height of his success just prior to the First World War. Many of Whit Cunliffe's songs featured "Girls" in the Titles; indeed one is called "They won't let me sing about the girls" Nevertheless, he does. Other songs had topical or political references which make them fascinating today. A total of 23 tracks by Whit Cunliffe, all recorded between 1910 and 1915.
Track Listing:
Up She goes, Follow me, girls, Knocking at Every Door, He's Alright, I shouldn't be here tonight, Let's have free trade amongst the girls, It's the tailor makes the man, I'm on my honeymoon, You can't judge a woman by her clothes, There's something in the seaside air, Let's go round to Mr. Riley's, They won't let me sing about the girls, They can do without us , We are not out much, Follow the Baldheads, Mister Cupid, That's what they all say, Advertise, I had a divil of a time last night, In these hard times, In the dear old town that I was born in, Tight skirts have got to go, You must have a night out now and then. - more track info . . .

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Listen to part of a sample track - Knocking at Every Door

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