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Dan Leno - Recorded 1901 - 1903 (CDR1)

Dan Leno CD
Dan Leno was the most famous comedian of his generation. His surviving records bear testimony to his drole sense of humour. He became a champion clog dancer in 1883, and was first engaged in pantomime in 1888. Leno is remembered as the greatest of all the pantomine "dames". He performed tirelessly throughout England and in 1901 was commanded to appear before King Edward at Sandringham.

He died in 1904. Crowds, three deep for over three miles, watched his funeral.

Track Listing:
Going to the Races, The Huntsman, Mrs. Kelly, The Tower of London, The Swimming Master, The Hard-boiled Egg and the Wasp, The Grass Widower, Poppies, The Mocking Bird, Who does the house belong to? Clever Mr Green, The Mayday Fireman, My wife's relations, McGlochell's men, Wait till I'm his Father, The Shopwalker, Where are you going to, my Pretty Maid? The Robin, Spiritualism. - more track info . . .

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Listen to part of a sample track - The Tower of London

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