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Lily Morris - Why am I always the Bridesmaid (CDR18)

Lily Morris CD
Although in her younger days Lily Morris was famous as a principal boy in pantomine, it is for the songs she sang in the 1920s that she is remembered today. Her diction was perfect so that every word can be heard. This is the stuff of the halls - homely, tuneful songs, with irresistible join-in-choruses, and full of human nature. Included here are some of the rarer Pathe recordings as well as all her most famous songs. She is remembered today as a singer with a big personality and a voice to match. In 1925 she visited America where she stopped the show at the New York Hippodrome with so many encores that she had to make a little curtain speech. An eye witness at the time reported: “every word and syllable she utters is a joy to the ear.” The CD contains 25 Tracks, being recorded between 1919 and 1931.
Track Listing:
Why am I always the Bridesmaid?, A-be my Boy (with "Grock"), Everybody loves their Little Old Home, “Thuthie”, At the Church Door I’m waiting, I had a little drop with Martha, None of your old Soldier's Tricks with me, Don't have any more Missus Moore, Why am I always the Bridesmaid? (Alternative Version), What are you going to do about Selina?, Only a Working Man, The Old Apple Tree, Which of the Three, We all said “No!”, What’s to be done?, Say Goodbye, Mrs. Scott, Tiddley Hi, Since our Mother’s been a Lady, Because he loves me, That's where the Soldiers go, The Wives of Commercial Travellers, Charlie, Truly Rural, Don’t have any more Missus Moore (Alternative Version) - more track info . . .

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Listen to part of a sample track - Only a working Man

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