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Harry Lauder
Foo' th' Noo (CDR11)

Harry Lauder spent some nine years of his early life as a coal miner, in Hamilton. After a period as an amateur entertainer, Harry Lauder progressed to professional appearances in Scotland and subsequently the North of England. In London, Harry Lauder was an immediate success, and went on to be one of the highest paid performers of his generation. The CD contains 26 tracks by Harry Lauder, the first 20 tracks being recorded between 1903 and 1910. Included are some early versions with piano accompaniment and spoken announcements.

Track Listing

Stop your tickling Jock
A Trip to Tobermorey
She’s ma Daisy
Mister John MacKay
Foo' th' Noo or I've something in the bottle for the morning
I love a Lassie
Ticklie Geordie - Laughing Song
We parted on the Shore
Sound Advice
Bonnie Wee Man
A Cough Lozenge
The Reason now I wear a Kilt
Aye Awaken O
Jean MacNeil
When I get back again tae Bonnie Scotland
MacGregor's Toast
The Referee
I've loved her ever since she was a baby
The Bounding Bounder
Breakfast in Bed
Roamin' in the Gloamin'
Portobello Lass
Loch Lomond
Just a Wee Deoch-an-Doris
Keep right on to the end of the Road.

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Horn Gram
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Stop your tickling, Jock

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